Shannon Oconnor American Lien: New Workers Compensation Law

Shannon Oconnor and American Lien Inc. specialize in California Workers compensation collections, consulting, and billing. American Lien Inc and Shannon OConnor are contracted with the State of California as it implements a new billing fee schedule for physicians that are on the approved list of California Physicians and specialties.

The new billing fee schedules are being devised after a new law signed by California Governor Jerry Brown brings extensive changes to the workers’ compensation system in the State. The new law enhances the system designed to protect workers who are injured on the job. It is intended to reduce costs to employers, increase benefits to injured workers, and eliminate inefficiencies and waste in the system.

Governor Brown signed the bill in September 2012 and many of its provisions went into effect on January 1, 2013. Those portions of the new law instituting a new fee schedule went into effect at the start of 2014.

American Lien Inc. and Shannon Oconnor are physician’s advocates, billing specialists, and work comp law specialists. They represent both the applicant and defense sides of cases. Shannon Oconnor and American Lien Inc. have joined forces with defense counsel to help establish better regulations and help to avoid frivolous claims.

Major highlights of the new workers’ compensation law include increasing total permanent disability benefits by about $740 million per year; a provision that no permanent disability indemnity payment is required if the employer has offered the employee a position that pays at least 85% of the compensation paid to the employee at the time of injury or if the employee works in a position that pays 100% of the compensation paid to the employee at the time of injury as specified; and funding for a $120 million return-to-work program appropriated from the Workers’ Compensation Administration Revolving Fund.

The California Governor’s office estimates that the new law will reduce the costs of workers’ compensation losses by close to $1 billion.


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