Shannon Oconnor American Lien: Agreed Medical Examiners

Shannon Oconnor and American Lien Inc. are currently contracted with the State of California to assist in the creation of a new billing fee schedule for physicians that are on the approved list of California Physicians and specialties. American Lien Inc. and Shannon Oconnor are working hand in hand with billing coding enforcement and regulation. They have been able to assist with uncovering over one hundred cases of Workers compensation billing discrepancies and physician or other healthcare specialty over-billing or miscoding techniques, and under reporting untimely AME and QME Evaluation regulations.

An AME, or Agreed Medical Evaluator, is a doctor agreed upon by an injured worker’s attorney and the insurance company. Injured workers without legal representation are now allowed to agree to an AME with the insurance company, for the protection of the worker. Agreed Medical Evaluators are usually known and trusted by all of the parties in the workers’ compensation system.

The findings of an Agreed Medical Evaluator are binding on all parties. This means that the AME’s opinion usually overrides the opinions of all other doctors in the case.

A Qualified Medical Examiner, on the other hand, is selected from a list of state-certified doctors. QME lists are generated randomly. Once an injured worker sees an AME, he or she is not entitled to see a QME. An AME may be used regardless of the year of injury. An AME physician may be a QME, but does not have to be one.

Shannon Oconnor and American Lien Inc. specialize in California Worker compensation collections, consulting, and billing.